About us

The Procus engineering team has experience in various Distributed Control Systems, Programmable Logic Controllers, CAD tools and Information Technologies.
Continuous education and training are the important part of our company policy. Our engineers attended Functional Safety Engineer review courses, trainings managed by control systems and CAD providers and they have required technical certifications.
Procus has been assessed and found to be in compliance with the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008.

We specialize in the following main aspects of control systems.

  • Design of control strategies
  • Technical documentation and drawings
  • Analysis of actual project state
  • Control database development
  • Human interface
  • Advanced applications
  • Installation
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Training
  • Maintenance and full customer support

Procus has the ability to provide value-adding services at all stages of a Control Systems project.

Up-Front Consulting Services

  • Project feasibility studies
  • Process design specifications
  • Control systems evaluation
  • Control strategy design and development

Project Execution

  • Project Management/Coordination
  • CAD Services and Drawing Management Systems
  • Control Systems Development
  • Commissioning and Startup Assistance

Pre and Post Start-Up

  • Technical and engineering support
  • System optimization
  • Document and drawing creation and updates

DCS Configuration

Procus professional staff have extensive experience in designing, implementing and starting up distributed control systems. Our employees work as application engineers for major DCS vendors. We have repeatedly demonstrated our ability to start-up systems safely with minimal impact on normal plant operations. Procus utilises the latest engineering tools for programming, tag configuration and graphics building.

PLC Programming

We develop every application by carefully implementing quality management at each step of the development process. Our engineers have the technical knowledge and experience to manage each project from inception through to commissioning and start-up.

Start-Up and Commissioning

The secret to our success lies in starting up your projects safely, on time, and under budget. Our engineers and technicians work closely with Instrumentation, Operations and Maintenance personnel to create workable execution strategies. We carefully document and sign off all acceptance testing procedures and results.

By choosing Procus, you can be confident of benefiting from the wealth of experience and ample resources. We ensure your projects run smoothly with minimum disruption, and are completed on time, within budget.