Specialized software development and programming of industrial control units

Control Units Software

Our project team can develop specialized software tailored to the specific requirements of the client. Our great advantage is the knowledge of the area of Automated Control Systems of technological processes, therefore our software is adapted directly to the control systems of technological processes. We can get the data out of the control system formatted in a the way, that enables easy processing by our software solutions. All our development is managed using a certified ISO methodology and agile principles. This allows us to quickly adapt to changes, ensure timely delivery and keep costs to a minimum. Thanks to 23 years of experience in the development of custom software, technologies and control systems in the industry, we are able to flexibly implement a wide range of non-standardized software solutions based on client's requirements.

Provided services

Our consultants will help you identify processes that you should streamline and automate to reduce costs or increase profitability. Subsequently they will guide you in creating specifications for software solution based on your needs.

Integration and maintenance
Our architects will design integrated solutions for your new as well as existing software and identify systems that lack the necessary interoperability and therefore should be upgraded or replaced.
How does the integration work?

  • Integration of software directly at the client’s site
  • Software optimization
  • Custom finishing
  • Remote or local administration

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