Procus Pack Engineering Edition - standalone version

Procus Pack Engineering edition and Enterprise edition provide the same core functionality.

The Engineering Edition is more suitable in scenarios where the mobility of the user is required. For example a control system engineer visiting various sites can benefit from the Procus Pack Engineering Edition.

The ProcusPack Engineering Edition has its own embedded database system and therefore is not bound to the central database.

New Procus Pack version 2.0 is available

The New Procus Pack version 2.0 exceeds the previous version in implementation of multisystem platform capabilities. Now the user can easily access and work with IA Foxboro System, Honeywell Experion PKS System and ABB 800xA control system databases directly from Procus Pack.

The Procus Pack v2 provides same qualities as robust and intuitive control, quick and easy information access, dependability, new design, better user-friendly interface and new tools which make the way to desired goals easier.

Both editions are aimed at Foxboro IA, Honeywell Experion PKS and ABB 800xA engineers. The purpose of Procus Pack is to make the engineer’s life easier. It allows easy data import from these systems, querying, data comparing (Foxboro IA System only), generating reports, exporting and browsing and searching the data in an effective and user-friendly way.